Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What timber can be used?

NZ Natives that we use regularly are Rimu, Matai, Tawa, Totara, Kauri, Red Beech to name a few, most floors that we install we source recycled timber. We also use a lot of imported Jarrah, Kwila and Oak. We can source most timbers and custom make one off runs to suit your project.

Q: How do I maintain my floor?

Regularly vacuuming your floor and a damp mop

Can you change out single boards?

Yes, if you have borer or damaged boards it is possible to replace individual boards.

What is an expansion gap?

This is a gap that runs around the perimeter of the flooring. It allows the expansion and contraction of the floor.

It is common for small gaps to appear between boards?

Yes, this is due to seasonal changes and humidity levels of the area surrounding the timber. All timber breaths and never stops moving in it environment. Different timbers move differently so gaps may appear bigger in some timber and not so much in other timbers.

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