Concrete Floors

We can do floor prep for many different floor coverings i.e. Tiles, carpet and vinyl.

We can provide high gloss, satin and low sheen finishes with different coating systems to suit your many requirements.

Block out coating systems in a large variety of colours.

Protective coating systems.

Epoxy coating systems.

Falcon Flooring – for Your Concrete Polishing in Wellington Needs

Polished concrete floors done in Wellington are the next best thing to new flooring when it comes to your company or home floors. This involves a process where we put your floor through a series of polishing and grinding processes. At Falcon Flooring we can supply glossy, satin and low sheen finishes depending on what your preferences are. These floors are considered low maintenance as they are super easy to clean are non-slippery too. Concrete polishing in Wellington is the more popular way to go with a variety of coatings in different colours.

We provide the best value for money on the market with accurate quotes that won’t become increasingly higher as the job progresses. We pride ourselves on our excellent, cost-effective and professional service of concrete polishing in Wellington aim not to disappoint. Every job is tailored to your individual needs to give you the highest value for money. To maintain your floors will be easier than ever as all you will need to do is a bit of vacuuming and use a damp mop, simple. With these concrete floors, you also do not need to worry about small gaps that may occur in boarded floors.

Contact us today to get an accurate quote for the floors of your dreams at Falcon Flooring. The highest quality floors can be yours to brag about with the click of a button. Our team provides services from site measuring, quoting, moisture testing, concrete grinding, timber floor installation, staircase installation and finishing for commercial or domestic projects.