Our service is second to none. We are passionate about timber and bringing out the beauty in natural form to make it enhance your home. We have over 15 years of Floor sanding and polishing experience, and know what works and what looks good.

Please take a look below and some of the Wellington floor sanding services we offer. If there’s something not on this list, please contact us today to see how we can help.

Timber floor services

Picking and choosing the right timber to best suit the application.

Getting it made and or delivered to site.

Acclimatisation of your timber to its new environment.

Providing high quality wooden floor installation, sanding, and polishing in Lower Hutt and Wellington.

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There’s nothing quite like a beautiful, freshly sanded and polished timber floor. The mark of class and elegance is nigh impossible to match with any other kind of flooring. Beyond appearance, however, there are several benefits to be gained by seeking out timber flooring specialists in Wellington to install timber flooring in your house.

Did You Know About These Benefits?

Everyone knows that a timber floor looks beautiful, but there are some significant and often-overlooked benefits to this kind of flooring. First, it’s quite simply easy to clean. The floor itself doesn’t retain dust and dirt very easily, and is resistant to staining, unlike a carpet. Vacuuming or even just sweeping, followed by mopping and drying the floor, is all you need to do on a weekly basis. You’ll never have to worry about cumbersome shampoos and trapped mould spores.

By the same token, Wellington floor specialists know that timber is an excellent option for homes of those who have asthma. In addition to not being a breeding ground for mould spores, the lack of fibres, grout lines, and embossing prevent common allergens like pet dander, pollen, dust, and particles from getting stuck in the floor.

You lose nothing in flexibility of style, either. The timber floor specialists in Wellington, Falcon Flooring, have a variety of different hardwoods that are available for installation. Each species will produce a different appearance and texture, and the appearance will again be modified based on the treatment and stain that you select.

Falcon Flooring frequently uses a variety of native New Zealand hardwoods, including Rimu, Matai, Tawa, Totara, Kauri, and Red Beech. Some of our regular imports are Jarrah, Vic Ash and French Oak, but if there’s a particular species you want, we can import nearly any you desire. You can view a gallery of some of the floors that we have installed to get an idea of how some of these finished products compare.

Additionally, timber floors offer the best acoustics out of any flooring material. It neither dampens nor absorbs the sound, giving a suitably resonant sound without any hollowness. As the floor ages, it stands up to the pressures of repeated use, and in many cases, by the time of sale it will add significantly more value to your property than the cost of installation.

Choose Falcon Flooring for Your Flooring Solutions in Wellington

Falcon Flooring is a high quality, professional company. We have been in business for two years, but our staff have over 15 years of experience providing flooring solutions for Wellington. Our workshop in Naenae lets us serve the Wellington area with prompt response times and a local understanding.

When you use Falcon Flooring, you’ll be treated with courtesy and professionalism. Our knowledge and experience means that you’ll be getting high value for your money. Timber flooring is a premium solution, but its timeless nature and ease of care means that it’s one you’ll be reaping the benefits from for as long as you’re living in your house. Contact Falcon Flooring by email or phone today to start an estimate.