Timber Floor Installation

There is a large amount of prep required in the installation process. Making sure the substrate is flat, dry and of sound integrity to install a floor on which could include concrete grinding, leveling and epoxy sealing. We undercut all doors and jambs, before setting out flooring to best suit the house.

The timber floor installation process can be more involved than what most realise.

Concrete slabs need to be key ground, flat and moisture tested.

Particle board has to be key sanded and flat.

Joist have to straight and at correct spacings, again have to be flat.

Timber moisture content has to be right for its new environment and this may mean acclimatising timber for a number of weeks or months.

Timber can be face nailed, secret nailed and some products can be floated.

Most floors require gluing down.

Timber floors over concrete have to be weighted down or fixed with concrete nails.

Timber should be installed with the sanding in mind, a good flooring installer will make the sanders job easier by insuring that boards are installed with the least amount of lipping.

Floors should be set out in the best way possible to maximise the aesthetics of the room.

Get the Hardwood Timber Floor Installation of Your Dreams with Falcon Flooring in Wellington

Once you’ve determined that you’d like a hardwood floor for your home, the next step is to handle the installation. There is a lot more to this process than people realise at first. Falcon Flooring offers a comprehensive hardwood floor installation service in addition to our other services. Here’s a brief review of what needs to go on for a proper hardwood floor installation in Wellington.


Before the actual hardwood floor installation for a Wellington home begins, there’s a great deal of preparation that must occur. First, the area must be completely cleared out, and the existing flooring lifted and removed. Removing an old floor or sub-floor is a time-consuming and messy process that involves equipment and procedures that are beyond many homeowners’ abilities and free time.

After the area has been cleared, the sub floor must be prepared. This can involve grinding the concrete if you have a concrete slab or sanding the particle board or ply wood. This not only has to be sanded for glue to stick to the sub floor it may need to be sanded to flatten the floor. Levelling compound may also be needed to flatten a floor. Joists may need to be planed to keep the floor flat. To avoid warping and later difficulties, concrete slabs must be moisture tested. Moisture barrier will most likely have to be applied to concrete. The joists must be examined while also being set at the correct distances. Failure to do any of these steps may cause problems for the floor over the course of time.

Once the preparation is complete, then the timber floor installation in a Wellington home can truly start. You may need to use acclimatised timber for the environment. Overlooking this step can also result in warping and damage to the floor as the wood adjusts to the temperature and humidity in its new environment. This process can take weeks or months.

The timber is then glued down, which can be face nailed, secret nailed, or weighted in place to hold the floor while the glue cures. Which option you use will depend on the wood and the sub floor. An alternative to directing sticking a floor, some floors can be floated.

During this process, it’s essential to keep the sanding process in mind to iron our lips between the boards. While these are just the basic steps, you can already see that flooring installation in Wellington is a deeply involved process that takes great care to complete correctly.

Save Yourself the Hassle and Have Falcon Flooring Install Your Timber Floor

After reading the above, it’s not a mystery why most homeowners opt to use a professional when it comes time for timber installation in Wellington. Falcon Flooring is the go-to professional for this kind of floor, as we have the experience, the know-how, and the friendly attitude, to make sure you’ll feel right at home in your home.

Beyond the installation, Falcon Flooring will also sand, polish, and coat your timber floor. Each of those processes are deeply involved as well, so the amount of time and hassle you eliminate is incalculable. Plus, you know that it’s being done professionally by an installer who takes the care to get it right. Contact Falcon Flooring today to schedule a time for us to drop by for an estimate.