Bring Back the Beauty of Your Timber Floor Via Restoration within the Wellington Area

As with most things, when you see and use it every day, you don’t often notice how much wear and tear your floor has undergone. Although it still functions adequately, it may have lost its shine or endured some scraps and bangs over the years. However, we can help you to breathe some new life back into your timber floor via restoration with our Wellington-based company. At Falcon Flooring, we have the knowledge and tools to get your timber floor back to its natural beauty.

Whether you require an extensive wood floor restoration throughout your Wellington home or business property, or merely superficial surface repairs we tailor each service to the individual job and the desired outcome. Before the finished look can be achieved, our restoration services include sanding, punching and filling holes or if necessary replacing boards that are too damaged to repair.

We make sure the preparation of the timber floor is to the highest standard, and the final sand is completed using different grits on the machine depending on what finish you desire. We understand that every timber type is different, so we customise our polishing and coating services according to the intended outcome of the flooring project. Our selection of floor finishes includes solvent based moisture cure polyurethane, water-based polyurethane, oil finishes, stains and whitewashing which provide the ideal look.

If you need help with any advice about your timber floor restoration in Wellington, please contact our professional and skilled craftsmen at your convenience.