Commercial Timber Flooring Wellington

Falcon Flooring Knows How to do Commercial Timber Flooring in Wellington

Are you considering commercial timber flooring in Wellington but aren’t sure where to go? We can help and are proud of the work we do at Falcon Flooring, where we uniquely install your floors to suit every individual’s needs. Our timber floor services include picking the right wood for you, getting it made and delivered right to the site, acclimatisation for your timber to its new environment, and we do the installations to include sanding and polishing too. Timber is our passion because we love the absolute beauty of it, with over 15 years of experience you can rest assured that we will do your commercial flooring in Wellington well.

The installation process requires much prep work such as making sure that the timber moisture content is accurateas well as the floor being flat and moisture-tested because most timber floors need to be glued down. Then comes the sanding, which requires the room to be cleared for the duration of the process right up to the final process of rotary sanding, repeated with different grits until the wood is ready for its coating. The commercial timber flooring in Wellington is done the right way at Falcon Flooring, giving you the cleanest polish and finish with your preference in mind. We offer solvent based, water based and oil finishes depending on what you like.

Contact us today to get an accurate quote that won’t disappoint. We are cost effective and professional which will have you bragging to all your friends.