Wooden Flooring Wellington

The Benefits of Wooden Flooring and Why You Should Choose Hardwood Flooring in Wellington

Whether you are building a brand new home or renovating an existing one, choosing a flooring style is one of the biggest decisions you will need to make. While floors don’t tend to get quite as much attention as appliances or fixtures, they can have a massive impact on the look and feel of your home. Indeed, flooring can affect aesthetics, room function, longevity, maintenance and overall comfort. The question is which flooring style is right for your home? At Falcon Flooring, we focus on timber flooring in Wellington and believe that hardwood floors are the best.

Why Choose Hardwood Flooring?

When it comes to choosing a flooring style for your home, there is a good chance that you will use a mix of different options throughout different parts of your home. For instance, you might want carpet in the bedrooms and a different type of flooring in the other parts of the house.

However, for entryways, hallways, kitchens, bathrooms, foyers and other higher traffic parts of your house, we recommend hardwood flooring. Here are a few of the benefits of timber flooring that can’t be matched by carpet, laminate.

  • Beauty: One of the best things about hardwood flooring is that it never goes out of style. Hardwood offers a natural look that is timeless in a way that no other flooring option is. Almost no matter the architectural style of your home—from the most rustic cabin style design to the sleekest modern design—investing in wooden flooring for your Wellington home will complement the other features of the dwelling in a striking fashion.
  • Limited maintenance: It’s true that hardwood floors cost more than carpeting. However, they also have the benefit of being much easier to clean. Carpets collect dust and debris and hold onto it, to the point where even regular vacuuming won’t clean the carpet thoroughly. As for stains, they can sometimes prove very difficult to remove from carpeted areas. Hardwood, meanwhile, is easy to clean and is extremely resistant to staining. Homeowners around the world appreciate the low maintenance nature of this type of flooring. Hardwood floors are also more hygienic and sanitary than carpets, thanks to the fact that they don’t collect dirt, germs, pet danger and other debris.
  • Quality: When you work with Falcon Flooring to get your hardwood flooring in Wellington, you are guaranteed a high quality, long lasting product. Not only can we design and build a beautiful hardwood floor from scratch—using only the finest materials—but we also do floor finishing and sanding. A quality finish on your new floor will extend its life. If over time, you notice that parts of your floor have been scratched or scuffed, you can count on our sanding and refinishing services to make it look good as new.

Count on Falcon Flooring for Timber Flooring in Wellington

Whether you’re looking for a brand new hardwood floor installation in Wellington or need sanding and refinishing of your timber flooring in Lower Hutt, our team at Falcon Flooring can help. Contact us today to get started.